Adjusting and Trusting

Looking Westward — Lake of the Woods — Northernmost Channel

Through these challenging times, it is fascinating to think about how we have adjusted our daily routines and activities. It is also important to recognize how we have come to a new level of trust with each other.

So critical to our safety and health are new elements in our day-to-day. Washing hands regularly — almost religiously. Keeping a social and safe distance between us. Limiting our time outside of our own homes. As communities become more open…limiting our social circles to a small pod we can trust. Being aware of our surroundings, not to touch things. Wearing a face mask or facial cover in public spaces, particularly when we could be in possible close proximity with others. Keeping our hands away from our faces, our nose, our eyes, our mouth. Keeping the distance when approaching someone on a sidewalk or path.

We are fortunate to have the opportunity of retreating to Lake of the Woods in Northwestern Ontario. We have a recreational property on an island. The island is within City limits but offers wide-open expanses of space and lots of trails to explore. There are not many people, thus congregating is not an issue. Our regular neighbours on the island will become an expanding pod as restrictions lessen in the coming weeks. Folks often offer to shop for one another if headed to the city by boat. A regular check-in makes a lot of sense, just in case someone has a special need or circumstance.

We have also adopted a practice of dining out once a week by doing “take out” with local restauranteurs. As patios open up with social distancing, we might add another occasion to help these local entrepreneurs and businesses.

Of note is that some businesses have stuck with curbside pick up, to exercise and abundance of caution as the threat of COVID-19 seems to be lessening.

We know that here in Northwestern Ontario, we have been very fortunate with limited cases of the virus. However, we also realize the threat could emerge in an instant by hearing news from other communities across North America.


We adjust and we trust. We adjust our own habits daily. We trust those around us to maintain a certain set of protocols that have been established to protect each other and our broader community.

Our “washing hands” station with lysol wipes and hand sanitizer sit like a new permanent installation near the front door of our cottage/camp.

This adjusting and trusting will likely be a new reality for months, if not years as scientists work diligently at finding a vaccine.

Thanks to the advice of our public health units — we can understand what we can do as individuals as we adjust and trust each other through these challenging times.

By each of us playing our part…we will get through this pandemic.

Be well — keep the distance — wash those hands !

Ferg Devins




Communications Strategist — connecting you with your community at

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Ferg Devins

Ferg Devins

Communications Strategist — connecting you with your community at

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