Bladder Cancer Awareness — Engaging in Dialogue

You might find yourself caught in that situation where you want to reach out for support but feel uncomfortable doing so.

You have some questions that you need answered. These questions are not necessarily questions for your doctor. Your feel that they are more about how you are going to live with your bladder cancer day to day.

The questions may arise around a number of areas.

  • How often do I need to check back in with my urologist?
  • How do I prepare for BCG?
  • Do I need someone to attend my BCG appointments with me?
  • How do I tell my family and friends about my condition?
  • Where do I find more information out about bladder cancer and this new journey that I am undertaking?
  • Is there anyone I can speak to as a patient that has gone through this before?

The last question is the one that I find most persisting. YES there are patients who have gone through what you are going through before. YES there is a network of support for you to engage with and jump into conversations about what you are going through — physically and emotionally. YES you can maintain anonymity if you seek to do so. YES there are groups on Facebook where you can associate and converse with others who have gone along this path with bladder cancer. YES you can find a place to share your own experience and help someone with their journey.

At Bladder Cancer Canada we have a few natural places to engage. Our website is our core platform for support and resources. Within that website we also link patients to our Discussion Forums. These forums offer support from other patients who have been on this journey. We also have peer to peer support and have a partnership through Wellspring to ensure that our patient community receives the attention and support that they need. We also manage and communicate through YouTube where we offer a number of video assets that can help you understand your journey and keep you informed. We also have ongoing patient support groups in several centres that focus on provided support and conversations on an ongoing basis. We also have Twitter, LinkedIN, Facebook and Instagram profiles where we post ongoing information and share articles and information about advances in bladder cancer research and patient support.

You may not be one to engaged in these conversations. Personally I find that it is a wonderful opportunity to chat with others who have been along this journey. It brings comfort to learn from others and others may also learn from you and your experiences.

I truly believe that this conversation will be a means of support along your journey with bladder cancer. I hope that you will engage. Be well. Take Care.

Ferg Devins




Communications Strategist — connecting you with your community at

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Ferg Devins

Ferg Devins

Communications Strategist — connecting you with your community at

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