Bladder Cancer Awareness Month — The Urologist

Referred to Urologist

So you’ve had your trials and tribulations. You’ve been to your general practitioner with some sort of symptom. They have decided through tests or observations that you should be referred to a urologist for a follow up on what they have found.

Upon Arrival

Upon arrival at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, I checked in and was then seen by a “resident” who was training in urology. I explained my situation, he read the reports from my doctor and then the urologist — Dr. Ron Kodama — came in to visit me and further assess my situation.

The Plan forward

Based on the report from my doctor and the CT scan results, Dr. Kodama advised that he would like to have a cystoscopy undertaken by me so that they could go into the bladder and see what was going on. In essence the cystoscopy is a camera that goes up into the bladder to present a view from inside the bladder.

Cystoscopy to be Booked

At this point there was no reference or mention of bladder cancer at all. Naturally I went home to follow up on what on earth a cystoscopy was. That’s tomorrow’s blog post.

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