Connecting with Your Community

I have lived a life that has always positioned me as an advocate for strong and meaningful connections and relationships in the broader community context.

After 35+ years in the hospitality sector networking coast to coast to coast, I had the wonderful opportunity to always be involved in community goodwill and philanthropy.

Through my years at Molson…then Molson Coors — it was a core value and principle passed on through seven generations of the Molson Family that we are all members of a greater community in which each member needs to play a part.

I have continued to believe in that philosophical approach to community beyond my retirement from Molson Coors in 2013. It just stuck with me as a great principle and solid approach to working within one’s community.

All my life I have had a passion for connecting with my community. I cherish the opportunity to work with folks in getting them better connected and engaged with their broader community. Whether its early years with the Terry Fox Marathon, involvement with Variety Village, the Molson Indy Foundations of years passed, board seats on a number of Tourism organizations, co-founder of the Coney Island “Maybe Annual” Music Festival or as Chair of Bladder Cancer Canada…I have derived great pleasure in working with fellow members of the greater community on various causes and community efforts.

There are lots of ways to get involved. It can be in any of the key areas of government relations, public relations, social networking or community outreach. My work has been with major brands, elected officials, associations, main street businesses, entrepreneurs and not for profits.

The passion for me is how better to connect them with their community to solve their issue, grow their business or create interest and passion for their cause.

I hope you have a plan to be better connected with your community. In my humble opinion, you will achieve great satisfaction by being involved in an active way to truly make a difference.

Ferg Devins

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Communications Strategist — connecting you with your community at

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Ferg Devins

Ferg Devins

Communications Strategist — connecting you with your community at

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