Driving to see the Christmas Lights

Photo by Juliana Malta on Unsplash

Old fashioned or new LED — it is still a wonderful spectacle this time of year

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Everywhere you go. With just less than a week left to Christmas, it is a perfect time to be out driving to see the Christmas lights.

This is truly one of those awesome moments of the holiday season, as mentioned by Neil Pasricha in his “The Book of (Holiday Awesome)”.

Do you remember growing up in your small town or community and having mom and dad shout out the special plan for the evening? “Tonight we are going to drive around town and look at all the lights”. Oh my gosh, those were special moments. In many instances, we would pack a snack bag with mandarin orange and a couple of shortbread cookies for the road. Often times we would jump into our pyjamas, bring a quilt for our laps and strike out on a tour of the town to see the lights.

We would venture out to new parts of town, ending up at the tree located at Main and Second in the centre of town in Kenora (NOTE that is from 2017). The town/city tree is still erected each year in Kenora. I am sure that this is a mighty tradition in your local community as well.

Over the years the transition from traditional lights to LED’s and the proliferation of Christmas and seasonal inflatables has transformed the Christmas light tours across the nation. The transformation of Inglewood to Kringlewood in Toronto has gained notoriety.

Wishing you an enjoyable drive to view the wonderful array of this year’s Christmas lights in your neighbourhood, city, town, village or countryside this holiday season.