2021 Christmas Tree

Fresh Scent of a New Tree

Ferg Devins
2 min readDec 19, 2021


Scouting out the Scouts, picking out your tree, unleashing it’s binding, letting it fall, placing it in the stand — Ah…the Aroma

Growing up in a small town dad would often take us as kids out to some remote gravel road, over high snow banks, blazing a trail into the woods to chop down our annual Christmas tree. Dad reminds me of times when he’d be in snow so deep that he’d have to put me on his shoulders or I would not have been able to walk back out of the woods. There was nothing like working our way back out of the woods to the car, tying the tree to the roof and heading home for hot chocolate. Smiles, in the later years it was a nice glass of homemade egg nog with spices and rum.

Once at home there would be that awesome smell of the fresh cut tree, after we placed it in the stand.

In Neil Pasricha’s “The Book of (Holiday) Awesome”, he points to the smell of a fresh Christmas tree as one of those awesome moments of the holiday season. He talks about not having a “real tree” but having a “fake one”. However, he does speak about visiting neighbours who did have the freshly sawed tree in their living room.

Tree in Place

Kathy got our tree in place last weekend, since I’m laid up post quadricep surgery ! Naturally (sorry for the pun), it needed to fall out and prepare itself for our annual decorating ritual. The scent of a freshly placed tree is a sure signal of great memories to be made for the season looming ahead.

Find A Tree — Cut or Cut Yourself

Here’s to the boy scouts, churches, markets, greengrocers, grocery stores and corner stores who continue to bring the fresh Christmas trees to our city neighbourhoods for enjoyment. Of course, there are also the many tree farms surrounding Toronto where families can continue the traditional rituals of “cutting down your own tree” if desired.

Enjoy that fresh smell in your home, one of those early pine scents and aromas of the season.




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