Hello November

Hello November ! The day after the night before — Halloween. A night when, rising out of this pandemic, neighbourhoods actually felt like they were coming together and reconvening in a way that is towards back to the “new normal”.

We remember our fallen in world war events and other incursions on November 11th for Remembrance Day.

This month is also the month when we recognize National Aboriginal Veterans day on November 8th honouring those from first nations who have served our country in times of conflict.

November usually means that I’ve just put the last bulbs into the gardens. This year’s bulbs are a special Canada bulb that my wife had ordered online. They will bloom in the spring appearing to be miniature Canadian flags in the side gardens. November you say ? Yes, November can be a perfect time to ensure that the bulbs are truly dormant as they bed down for winter.

This November the traditional annual Hallmark movies for the season have already begun. Their new roster is up and running with the usual love story, Christmas markets, love break ups, love make ups, old folks happy, young ones brimming with the joys of Christmas, big executives from big cities returning to their roots — all the seasonal joys of a relaxing smile on your face television movie.

November also makes me think ahead to all that will come this month. Normally the bridge goes in from the mainland to our cottage / camp on Lake of the Woods. It’s a seasonal reminder of the end of season and start of new. That last boat ride and then time to pull the final boat from the chilling waters.

In normal years, November is time when Santa Claus Parades are planned and staged. Many communities have indicated that they will be holding their community parades this year. However, I did hear that Toronto will be holding theirs virtually again this year. Broadcast around the world, I’m sure it will be a joyous extravaganza — regardless.

Early November is usually the time that I put the Christmas lights up on trees out front. It’s a time for the final fall clean up — although this year the trees are still full of green leaves !

American Thanksgiving is in November, which usually marks the date when I can put on my Christmas lights outdoors.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday fall in November and will kick off a flurry of shopping activity at retail and online. Here’s hoping that supply chain blockages are eased to delight families shopping for the holidays.

So…doesn’t this month seem pretty full of opportunities to celebrate and plan how you might wrap up this year of 2021.

Let’s go for it !

Ferg Devins




Communications Strategist — connecting you with your community at http://t.co/tXveeNzk5i http://t.co/wqaMuQWSLA

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Ferg Devins

Ferg Devins

Communications Strategist — connecting you with your community at http://t.co/tXveeNzk5i http://t.co/wqaMuQWSLA

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