Kindness Exemplified

Ferg Devins
2 min readMar 1, 2023

With my birthday approaching March 3rd, I was so delighted and moved to have received an early card from my dear friend — artist and philanthropist Rita Winkler.

From her Book’s site:

“Rita Winkler, a young woman living with Down syndrome, shows us the world as she sees it through her art: a place full of joy and colour.

Approaching her daily life with enthusiasm and humour, Rita rides public transit to her job working at a university coffee shop. She takes yoga and folk dance classes and enjoys drama and music at a day program, and she practices using sign language. Rita created a wonderful collection of her art in a special publication “My Art, My World”, Rita shows us her love for the world through her great passion: making beautiful and fun works of art.”

She exemplifies kindness.

This painting of a cake, portrayed in the header was sent to me this week for my birthday. Rita painted the cake and also penned a card from her mother Helen and Uncle Mark.

Is there any better way to start the week!?

This generous and kind soul perpetuates goodness, kindness, caring, love and a spark of joy in the day of anyone who meets her.

A story worth telling. The story of Rita Winkler. Please take the time to visit Rita’s sites linked above and show her your support — through a kind post, an encouraging word, or support by purchasing from her on line store.

Let’s show Rita a little #kindness back her way.

Ferg Devins



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