T’is The Season

T’is the Season — No Shoes

Ferg Devins


Confused by the headline? Yes, I thought you might be.

T’is the Season to be thankful, to be helpful, to spread #joy and #goodwill and promote peace. T’is the Season to lend a helping hand, assist a neighbour, support those in need.

T’is the Season-No Shoes ????

Well, let me tell you the story.

I arrived at my office earlier this week and walked into the Tim Horton’s finding a person looking pretty beat up and with “no shoes”. He didn’t have any socks either.

I offered to buy the frail-looking fellow a coffee. He really could not articulate to me whether he wanted black or cream and sugar, so I chose cream and sugar.

The staff at Tim’s advised that he had scared the staff earlier. They were concerned about their safety and had called the police. I suggested that at the current time the fellow seemed to be quite quiet, not harming anyone and I’d still like to buy him a coffee. The “manager” asked if I could ask the patron to leave upon handing him his coffee. I advised the man that the staff would like him to leave and provided him with his coffee.

Hopefully, if the police did arrive, they would ensure that the fellow landed in a place where he might get more assistance than just being escorted away for being a nuisance. Makes me wonder — What does happen???

The “no shoes” situation really struck me. Obviously, he had been out on the street. It was a rainy morning and coolish. He did not seem to have any outer garments either.

I went off to work…

Later that morning one of my colleagues advised that they had seen the man and he had on a pair of red socks — still no shoes.

At home that night I went through some of my shoe collection and found two pair of shoes that were deemed ready for #goodwill.

I looked for the man this morning and throughout the day, but he was not to be found. So…I’ll just keep those shoes in my office, let my colleagues know that they are there — in case they see that soul or other soul’s in need.

T’is the Season.

Join me in lending a helping hand to someone you might see in their time of need this holiday season. A small gesture of #goodwill might bring some #joy to their day.

Ferg Devins



Ferg Devins

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